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Stefan Lindblad at the KKV Studio in Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden 2006 in front of his  acrylic paintings "Enter", "Exit" and "Approching Phoenix".


Paintings 2006
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Drawings 2007

The largest painting I have done was 192 kvm. The smallest? The dot on my paper. I stretch my own canvas and prepare the surface myself. And now my paint is predominantly acrylic in contrast to the oil paint I used before. Except my own exhibitions I have made commissioned work for architect firms, for example the paintings for Scandic Infra City Hotel, in Upplands Väsby, Stockholm (former Hilton) and Observer AB, Stockholm (former Waymaker AB).

- Cryla, Acrylic paint from Daler-Rowney
- Oilpaint
- White paint Daler-Rowney, Luiquitex and Schminke
- Brushes
- Water
- linen canvas
- Very rare, but sometimes cotton canvas
- Make my own stretch frames
- Prepare my canvas myself with glue and paint.
- Pencils, ink pens, felt pens, calligraphy brush pen
- Paper

Artist, painter & illustrator
Live and work in Stockholm, Sweden.



Alex Gallery Washington DC. USA
Agent, art & illustration: SELLINC, Chicago, IL, USA
Lorentzon Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden
Gallery Mitt vardagsrum vid Vättern, Sweden

I have always been interested in how everything we do, and the journeys we make, have a story. The journeys come in different shapes and forms, and it can be anything from the first steps of a child, a café visit, a nature experience or a journey to space or two particles meeting. Everything has a story. Everything is a journey. For that reason an earlier exhibition was named ”The Journey”.

Stefan Lindblad, Acrylic on Canvas
"Indian Police Badge"

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Stefan Lindblad, "Ocean 1", oilpainting. 3.5 x 3 meter.
Year 2002, to the Hilton/Scandic Infra City Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden.